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For the past 25-years, John Gibson Associates (JGA) has been supplying high-quality candidates to fulfill the necessity for ultimate performers in the 21st century vehicle business.

JGA interviews and vets all candidates before they’re referred on to our clients, saving you time, money and frustration.  We include a 6 month guarantee on all JGA placements, so if the person’s not right, we’ll find someone else to meet the client’s needs.

Who Is Reading Your CV?

John Gibson established JGA in 1987 to provide clients with a service unavailable in the UK in the motor industry recruitment by breaking the ‘agency’ mould that featured CV shuffling sending out candidates without even meeting them, checking them out or authenticating their CV!  No one was matching individuals looking for motor trade jobs or motor trade careers to firms to recruit the best.  Today, JGA has built up a database of motor industry candidates and works with some of the most demanding progressive and successful players in the UK and beyond, working in partnership with our valued customers.

Our strength is in the recruitment of high caliber motor trade management positions.  We visit every client at their workplace so we can understand exactly what skills and competencies they need to make a positive contribution to the sucess of the clients business and find the closest matched candidate.

The UK automotive jobs industry constantly needs high caliber professionals to bring a positive contribution in a competitive market.  At JGA, our regional offices act as your local motor trade recruitment they’re all run by experts who understand the peculiarities and factors affecting the local trading environment and the automotive industry in general.

If you would like to have an automotive jobs recruitment partner that’s at the forefront of the industry working with you, call JGA today on 01904 820 758 or email


Who Is Reading Your CV?

Who is reading your CV?

Now you are on the World Wide Web!

Register with John Gibson Associates and your details are safe we will never send them out without your prior agreement.

We will never sell them to a third party.

We will never disclose your identity, risk your details falling into the wrong hands or compromise your current employment.

Our candidates are our greatest asset, our bread and butter, your confidentiality is our reputation.

The trust we share with our candidates and clients sets us apart from the cv broadcasting agencies, keeps us at the top of our game and you safe.

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