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4x4s were by far the most popular cars on Britain's forecourts in January

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Glass's, the definitive source of valuations for the used car industry, has published a league table of the fastest selling used cars. 4x4s were by far the most popular cars on Britain's forecourts in January, which is not surprising when you consider the cold spell that has been sweeping the country.

The league provides insight gleaned from GlassNet Radar, the company's spot pricing system that provides up-to-the-minute pricing around the country. It is based around 300 vehicle models and looks at average selling times for used cars, or to be more specific, the number of days cars tend to stay on the forecourt.

The Lexus RX 400h came in first last month with an impressive average of only 26 days to sell, followed by the Land Rover Discovery at 32 days and the Jaguar XK at almost 34 days. Land Rover takes up four of the top ten spots.

Richard Parkin, Director of Valuations and Analysis at Glass's, reflects on whether this state of the nation ranking is what we would expect at this time of year.

"It's not surprising that six out of the top ten cars are 4x4s. In fact it's largely typical of this time of year. Glass's data over the last four weeks has seen this to be the best-selling car segment. When the weather gets bad car buyers dash for the nearest four wheel drive, so dealers can expect them to fly off the forecourts. "

The average selling days for all cars on the list is 49, with the slowest movers at the bottom being the Delta and Ypsilon from Chrysler, taking on average over 100 days to sell. Parkin notes "the vehicles are relatively unknown in their respective segments, which are also those that Chrysler has not traditionally been associated with in the UK. The public just don't know about them, so their slow sales velocity is unsurprising."

"It will be interesting to see how things change on a month by month basis. Watch this space."