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John Gibson

Director - JGA Head Office

John Gibson founded the company following a career exclusively in the motor and allied industries, commencing with a six year apprenticeship moving through distributor technical operations, manufacturer after sales and finally manufacturer field sales management.

Throughout his career he recognised that irrespective of brand, facilities, marketing or location that the catalyst to success was recruiting outstanding people, it was people that energised a companies capital investments into profitability. Since the inception of John Gibson Associates 28 years ago the automotive industry has gone through many changes, and the people, both management and staff, who have successfully facilitated, embraced and capitalised on these changes are becoming increasingly hard to find and retain.

John's philosophy has always been to go the extra mile for clients, interviewing candidates, visiting clients premises, advising on salary/benefits packages and agreeing the job specification, strategy and cost; thereby reducing risk, expense and the horrendous consequences of getting it wrong for the client.