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Could automotive recruitment be right for you?

Automotive recruitment is a simple process, follow the process meticulously and you will enjoy the rewards of delivering to demanding clients outstanding people, the greatest asset their company has; cut corners, take short cuts, try and work a “fast one” and you will fail. It is a lucrative business, supplying people to clients who are crying out for what you sell and deliver, do it right, follow the rules, propagate trust and they will come back again and again. The secret of its success is its tremendous profitability, without the millstones of stock and premises weighing the business down and bleeding you dry, more of what you generate-you keep! It’s not about rocket science, personnel, human resources, it’s about people skills, integrity, and the ability to communicate a genuinely attractive proposal with clarity, simplicity and value to a client; and consistently deliver what you promise. Please take a few minutes to read how I got into automotive recruitment, it may not be the most exciting story or a contestant for the Booker Prize, it’s a simple story of self belief over convention, positive attitude and opportunism that allowed an ordinary soul to experience extraordinary things beyond his wildest dreams. When you have read John’s story then please complete the form below and we will send you our comprehensive guide to owning your own successful Automotive Recruitment business.

There's Got To Be More To Life?

For a school leaver, of fifteen years old, without qualifications, in those days you could pick and choose the job you wanted, I wanted to fix cars, so I signed up for a six year apprenticeship with the local, what became, British Leyland garage. I was told if I worked hard, I would “get on”, they told everyone this as a medieval form of motivation. Six years was a long time starting with making tea, chip shop runner and stooge for any practical joker, but I did my full stretch, learnt a lot, (despite knowing everything to begin with), passed exams, made good friends, mentors and a few enemies along the way.

However, I always believed there was more to life, more for me than 8.30 to 5.00 working in poor conditions, dirty, abused and exploited. My workmates were salt of the earth working long hours of precious overtime to earn a living wage and skimp and save for the deposit for an uncertain mortgage on a little house, caught in the inescapable life sentence of conventionality. One day we collectively laughed at an advertisement in “The Motor”, a 100% safe bet, your money back or your money back, cast iron guarantee, no risk, it was for a book “The Lazy Man’s Guide to Riches” by Joe Karbo. We all knew it must be a scam and no one was willing to risk 10/- to find out, but gullible old me despatched my 10/- postal order and a week later a grubby looking paperback arrived, I just knew I had been fleeced, so I kept quiet and read it. With hindsight that book could not have been more valuable if it was solid Gold! Joe Karbo went from gutter bum, to penthouse millionaire, without education, qualifications or luck, through a simple strategy to apply to life and its challenges, exposing your worst enemy, yourself, and cutting the shackles that hold you back. Every person I have met during my career who did as I did, bought this too good to be true book, agree it was dynamite, a watershed for their personal achievement. Sadly the book is out of print and Joe no longer with us.

You Reap What You Sow!

Such was the impact of that book at that time, I saw the World as a place of great opportunity, beauty and potential and I had to turn my back on the negativity and fear of fitting in and conforming to other peoples ideals, turn my back on the illusion of job security and the traditional values of slavery disguised as convention. So, I handed my notice in, got the holiday pay I was due and bought a one way ticket to Istanbul! Three months later I came back to a life of opportunities waiting to be taken, mistakes just a signpost on the road to success. Within six months, at the age of 21 I was in a Senior Technical role with eight staff for the World’s biggest Morris distributor, at 23 the youngest ever departmental manager with Europe’s then biggest car manufacturer. My career progressed onward and upward with Japanese, Italian and American manufacturers, until in 1988 when I took the plunge into self-employment, against the “advice” of friends, family and employer.

Three years later the company I started such a short time before was chosen by the World’s second biggest car manufacturer to recruit the staff and management for their wholly owned UK subsidiary, the biggest single recruitment assignment in the UK motor industry, at which time John Marrison joined the team. John’s and my careers had been heavily involved in Motor Industry recruitment and hungry for growth we realised that our business was a truly amazing recruitment franchise proposition, giving people the opportunity of sharing in our success, without the new business millstones of stock or premises or having to face the hurdles of getting it up and running, with our support, trading title and reputation on an ongoing basis.

Since the launch of the recruitment franchise in 2000 we have helped many join the ranks of self-employment, some make a very, very substantial amount of money working from a home office, others a very good living. Being in recruitment meant I met a lot of people, some racehorses, some donkeys, but the most enduring lesson I learnt from them is the key to success, it’s not about qualifications, academic achievement, luck, wealth; the common denominator between those who succeed and those who don’t is mind set, the positive attitude to always seek the opportunity, the answer, and not dwell on the problem, to have the kind of enthusiasm that is contagious, the power of negotiation that does not involve demeaning the product or giving the store away.

It made me weep seeing talented, smart, “on the ball” people who are crushed by convention, other people’s ideals and peer group pressure until they are influenced more by fear of failure, than the joy of success. Their potential is limitless, but safely locked away from the light of day, so no-one can see it, because they know that if it is seen it will attract criticism, attack and demolition from well meaning, authoritative failures!

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Automotive Recruitment Business vs Working for others success

Self employment or running your own recruitment franchise can be perceived as a daunting prospect, and it is true some people are unsuited to it, they prefer the security of a salaried job, living within their known, if modest, means carefully making ends meet for spouse and family. For them self employment would be too risky, too unpredictable and they are sure they would fail; and they are probably right!

Our recruitment business is not rocket science, the process is very simple (not always easy!), managed by the most up to date management system in the recruitment marketplace, follow the process, stick to the rules, listen to and implement our advice, conduct your business with impeccable honesty and integrity and you will succeed, bringing you recognition, wealth and the freedom to determine your future.

Cut corners, make shortcuts, try and pull a fast one and you will fail! Despite the doom and gloom over the last few years, prophesying Armageddon, we have grown throughout the “recession” 2012/2013 being our best year ever, 40% up on the previous year! The growth potential is assured, but I need like-minded individuals, in it for the long run, willing and able to invest £50000 and working capital for six months, in their future and that of their loved ones, others have successfully done it, perhaps you could too?

If you want to find out, I will be delighted to meet you to explore our commonalities of purpose, answer your questions and if you wish, arrange for you to meet a long standing franchisee, so you can get it from the “horse’s mouth!” A lot has happened since my days as a chip shop runner. I have been privileged to meet, and listen to some great managers within the industry who gave me the confidence and self-belief, to set sail in my own ship back in 1988, to achieve things I “knew” I couldn’t achieve, at sometimes weathering storms, other times basking in the sunshine in places I never dreamt of really existed!

Grasp The Opportunity Now!

Once we acknowledge that the person who never made a mistake, never made anything, that mistakes can be a great asset, a great teacher of how to squeeze the most out of every second of life’s opportunities, and I speak from authority, having slipped on every banana in my path, made every mistake, thankfully I am a fast learner; and that is what buying into the franchise gives you, maximum resource, maximum opportunity, maximum support, maximum experience, maximum return and minimum risk.

We have proven the authenticity of the JGA Recruitment Franchise over & over again the only remaining factor is can YOU see yourself doing it, are YOU up for it? If the answer is yes you have already left it too long, contact me now! If the answer is no, thank you for taking the time to read this, I wish you success in whatever endeavor you pursue and long life, good health and true happiness.