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The impact on dealers’ businesses of the changes taking place at the DVLA in 2013.

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NFDA briefs dealers on DVLA changes

The NFDA is briefing members on the changes taking place at the DVLA in 2013 and the impact on dealers’ businesses.

DVLA local offices will close in the first quarter of 2014 after all procedures can be carried out online or at the Post Office, said NFDA director Sue Robinson.

“For this to happen changes in regulation and procedures will be implemented over the next 18 months as an online system is developed,” she said.

The changes taking place at the DVLA include the following:

•Tax discs will not be held at dealerships but posted from Swansea when applied for.
•In January 2013 change of vehicle class can be made at UK post offices
•Taxing without V5C will be done from Post Offices
•Replacement tax discs available from 400 UK Crown Post Offices
•Tax discs sent from Swansea. Dealers can have them posted to either the keeper, dealer or fleet company
•After the vehicle is taxed there will be a grace period of 14 days that the vehicle does not need to display the disc. If the disc is required to go out with the vehicle the dealer can tax it up to 14 days in advance
•Trade plates and licences will be sent from Swansea and new applications will not require premises visits or interviews
•Systems testing starts early 2013, limited service by October 2013 and full customer/user release is expected January/February 2014 with additional services added in late 2014
•It is planned to harmonise all systems and processes with the DVLA in the UK, including northern Ireland